What the hell is a Stiles?

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Nothing safe is worth the drive
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haha! have fun at highschool today NERDS. i’m gonna be doing cool ADULT stuff like sleeping WHENEVER i want and CRYING 

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through the eras: lead music videos

Taylor Swift being literally the most adorable thing ever

Go with your gut every single time. It’s never, ever wrong. Even if feels like everybody else is telling you that you need to do this, or do that. Your gut is your artist, and who you are as a person. Never try to be something you’re not.

get to know me meme: [3/5] actresses - Tatiana Maslany

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"Who cares if it’s pop, country or polka music? The song is a smash. Taylor Swift is a superstar, a superstar who has done more for the expansion of the country music audience than anyone else before her or since."
—Shania Twain’s manager (via captivatedtaylor)
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Emma Stone attends the Opening Ceremony and ‘Birdman’ premiere during the 71st Venice Film Festival on August 27, 2014 in Venice, Italy.

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